Town Clerk Resources

There are a variety of resources and tools available to Town Clerks and County Clerks.  Here is a list of resources and additional information that may be helpful:

2017 Listers Handbook
Under development
The Vermont Listers Handbook is a comprehensive guide that contains an overview of the appraisal process.
Municipal Service User Guide for Town Clerks and Listers Provides step-by-step instructions for town officials to review and record approved Current Use applications in eCuse, the electronic application and processing system.
Guide to Vermont’s Town Clerks, Treasurers & County Clerks This guidebook is a compendium of the physical and mailing address for each city and town. The guide also includes an up to date listing of all clerks and treasurers.
Handbook for Vermont Town Officers This handbook is a complete overview of the duties and responsibilities of local government positions in Vermont.
Town Clerk Frequently Asked Questions In addition to the guide to the Secretary of State’s website has a short list of FAQs for Town Clerks.
Municipal Index to Laws You can find a complete listing of municipal laws provided by the Vermont City of Leagues and Towns website.
Rules & Statutes For simple, fair and orderly procedures we encourage you to review the rules and statutes specific to listers and assessors which can be accessed on our website or be read in the town clerk’s office.

If you are looking for additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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