2016 | 2017 Sales & Use, Meals & Rooms, Withholding, and Miscellaneous Tax Forms

Form 8821-VT   Authorization To Release Tax Information
Form B-2   Notice of Change
Form BR-400 Instructions Application for Business Tax Account
Form PA-1   Special Power of Attorney for use by Individuals, Businesses, Estates and Trusts
Form REF-619   Application for Refund of Miscellaneous Taxes
Form REF-620 Instructions Application for Refund of VT Sales and Use Tax or Meals and Rooms Tax
Sales and Use Tax
Form F0003   Streamlined Exemption Certificate
Form SUT-451 Instructions Sales and Use Tax Return
Form SU-452   Vermont Use Tax Return
Form SUT-459   Election by Manufacturer or Retailer Occasionally Acting as a Contractor
Form S-3   Vermont Sales Tax Exemption Certificate for Purchases For Resale And By Exempt Organizations
Form S-3A   Vermont Sales Tax Exemption Certificate For Agricultural Fertilizers, Pesticides, Machinery & Equipment
Form S-3C   Vermont Sales Tax Exemption Certificate For Contractors Completing A Qualified Exempt Project
Form S-3E   Vermont Sales Tax Exemption Certificate For Net Metering, Home Or Business Energy Systems Or Solar Hot Water Systems
Form S-3F   Vermont Sales Tax Exemption Certificate For Fuel Or Electricity
Form S-3M   Vermont Sales Tax Exemption Certificate For Manufacturing, Publishing, Research & Development, Or Packaging
Form S-3T   Vermont Sales Tax Exemption Certificate for Purchases of Toothbrushes, Floss and Similar Items of Nominal Value to be Given to Patients for Treatment
Form S-3V   Vermont Sales Tax Exemption Certificate For Registrable Motor Vehicles Other Than Cars And Trucks
Form S-3W   Vermont Sales Tax Exemption Certificate for Forestry and Wood Products Machinery, Equipment, and Repair Parts
Meals and Rooms Tax
Form MRT-441 Instructions Meals and Rooms Tax Return
Withholding Tax
2017 Withholding Tables   2017 Income Tax Withholding Instructions, Charts and Tables
Form WHT-430    Withholding Tax Payment
Form WHT-434


Online Filing Instructions

Annual Withholding Reconciliation
Specs WHT-434   2016 Vermont WHT-434 Specifications for Electronic Filing
Form WHT-436 Instructions    Quarterly Withholding Reconciliation
2017 eFile WHT-436   2017 Vermont WHT-436 Specifications for Electronic Filing
Form W-4VT Withholding Instructions Vermont Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate
eFile 1099s   2016 Specifications for e-Filing of 1099 Information Returns
2016 eFile W-2   2016 Vermont EFW-2 Specifications for Electronic W-2 Filing
Miscellaneous Tax
Form CT-5   Vermont Wholesale Cigarette And Tobacco Distributor License Application
Form CT-640   Wholesale Cigarette Dealer Report
Form CT-642   Cigarette Tax Stamp Order
Form CT-645   Vermont Wholesale Dealers Claim For Cigarette Stamp Tax Refund
Form FGR-615 Instructions Fuel Tax And Petroleum Distributor Licensing Fee Return
Form IPT-632   Estimate of Insurance Premium Tax
Form MBT-605 Reporting Guide Malt Beverage Tax Return
Form NPM-1 Instructions

Vermont Licensed Wholesale Dealer Report For Cigarette And Roll-Your-Own Sales

Form RCT-330   Railroad Corporate Tax Return Payment Voucher
Form RCT-331   Railroad Company Tax Return
Form SE-603 Instructions Solar Energy Capacity Tax
Form SE-603A   Solar Energy Capacity Tax Explanation
Form SLT-681   Vermont Surplus Lines Insurance and Direct Insurance Placement Tax Return and Report
Form SLT-683   Premium and Policy Count Summary – By Company and Line
Form SU-451-AV   Supplement To Form SU-451 For Aviation Jet Fuel
Form SWT-608   Franchise Tax On Waste Facilities & Commercial Haulers Of Solid Waste
Form TE-1   Vermont Telephone Gross Receipts Tax Return
Form TPP-650   Telephone Personal Property Tax Payment Voucher
Form TPP-651 & Schedule TPP-653 Instructions   Telephone Personal Property Tax Return and Schedule
Schedule TPP-653   Telephone Personal Property Schedule
Form TO-641   Wholesale Tobacco Dealer Report
Form VBT-606 Reporting Guide Vinous Beverage Tax Return
Form WEF-602   Wind-Powered Electric Generating Facility Tax


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