Meals and Rooms Tax Statistics

Reports are grouped into Monthly and Multiple Period reports.  Monthly reports hold information for monthly filers only, while Multiple Period reports hold information for monthly and quarterly filers.  Reports are further broken down into Preliminary and Updated reports.  Preliminary and Updated reports are created 75 and  180 days after the end of a taxpayer’s filing period.  Consequently, Updated reports include more returns for any given period.  Please see reports for more details.

This tax is imposed on the purchaser of taxable meals and rental of accommodations in hotels.


  • 9.0% on sales of prepared and restaurant meals
  • 9.0% on sales of lodging and meeting rooms in hotels
  • 10.0% on sales of alcoholic beverages served in restaurants

Certain Municipalities may also impose a local option tax on meals and rooms.

Available Meals and Rooms Statistical Reports
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