Forms and Schedules

BA-402, Apportionment & Allocation Schedule


For use by all taxable entities having activity (income and/or expenses, regardless of profit or loss) in Vermont and/or at least one other state/province. Complete Schedule BA-402 unless the apportionment is 100% for Vermont. Returns filed without Schedule BA-402 will be adjusted to 100% Vermont apportionment. If the corporation is part of an affiliated group engaged in unitary business, a separate BA-402 is filed for each taxable corporation in the group, unless consolidated filing is elected. Instructions Schedule BA-403 Application for Extension of Time to File Vermont Corporate/Business Income Tax Return.

BA-403, Extension of Time Application

To request an extension of time to file the Vermont Corporate or Business Income Tax return. An extension of time to file a Federal return automatically extends the time to file with Vermont until 30 days beyond the Federal extension date. However, tax is due on the original due date.

BA-404, Tax Credits Earned, Applied, Expired, and Carried Forward


Required for companies that have earned or applied tax credits or incentives. This schedule is required of each separate entity claiming credits if a consolidated return or combined report is filed. Be sure to include all documentation required per the program guidelines of the credit you are claiming.

BA-405, Economic Advancement Tax Incentives

Required by those entities awarded Economic Advancement Tax Incentives (EATI) credits, for use for each of the six years following the end of the EATI authorization period.

BA-406 Credit Allocation Schedule


To allocate tax credits earned in the current year (reported on Schedule BA-404) to shareholders/partners/members.

BA-410, Corporate Income Tax Affiliation Schedule


For use by those entities electing to file a Vermont consolidated return per 32 V.S.A. § 5862(c) or a combined report for a unitary group under V.S.A. § 5862(d).

BI-470, Business Income Tax Return Payment Voucher

Use Form BI-470 to direct a payment for Business Income tax accounts, which include S-Corps, Partnerships, and many LLCs.

BI-471, Vermont Business Income Tax Return


For use by those entities not filing federally as a C-Corporation to calculate Vermont business income tax liability. These entities include Subchapter S-Corporations, Partnerships, and Limited Liability Companies that elect to be treated as S-Corps or Partnerships for federal filing purposes.

Please note: Form BI-471 is the first page of every return and the return is incomplete without it.

BI-472, Non-Composite Schedule


Used to determine the amount of Vermont-sourced income distributed to shareholders of Subchapter S Corporations, partners in partnerships, or members of LLCs who are not residents of Vermont, where the entity maintains pass-through status, and does not file a composite return.

BI-473, Composite Schedule


Used to determine the amount of Vermont-sourced income distributed to shareholders of Subchapter S Corporations, Partners in Partnerships, or members of LLCs who are not residents of Vermont, where the entity does file a composite return.

BI-476, Business Income Tax Return-Resident Only


For Subchapter S Corporations, Partnerships, and Limited Liability Companies:

  • Of which all shareholders, partners, or members are residents of Vermont
  • Which have no income/losses from any state other than Vermont
  • Which have no income adjustment due to disallowance of bonus depreciation
  • Which owe the minimum tax of $250 – no exceptions to minimum tax, and no additional tax due (such as built-in gains or LIFO recapture

CO-411, Corporate Income Tax Return


This is the initiating form, and the three pages are required for all corporate income tax filers.

CO-414, Corporate Estimated Tax Payment Voucher

To make estimated payments for corporate income tax (generally quarterly) throughout the year.

CO-419, Apportionment of Foreign Dividends


Used to compute the modified apportionment percentage and then the amount of foreign dividends to be included in Vermont taxable income for all taxable affiliates in the group.

CO-420, Foreign Dividend Factor Increments


Schedule CO-420 has been redesigned to improve clarity. Prepare one CO-420 for each entity paying dividends. The schedule no longer accommodates calculations for multiple entities.

CO-421, Unitary Affiliate Schedule


Starting in 2014, combined reports for unitary groups are filed using Form CO-411, not Form CO-411-U. The tax calculation for the first taxpayer, the Principal Vermont Corporation, is included within the CO-411 (Lines 6 – 17). Schedule(s) CO-421 is/are used to calculate the tax for all additional taxable affiliate corporations.

CO-422, Corporate Income Tax Return Payment Voucher

To direct a payment to a corporate income tax account and period, if you do not have another form or coupon available. CO-422 is not necessary if you are sending a check with CO-411, CO-414, or BA-403.

K-1VT, Shareholder’s, Partner’s, Or Member’s Information


For all shareholders, partners, or members summarizing the Vermont net taxable income, Vermont nonresident estimated payments, all eligible credits, and adjustment due to Vermont’s disallowance of IRS “bonus” depreciation.

WH-435, Estimated Income Tax Payments for Nonresident Shareholders, Partners, Or Members

To make estimated tax payments for its non-Vermont shareholders, partners or members, as required by 32 V.S.A. §§ 5914 & 5920. See Technical Bulletin 06 for details.

PA-1, Power of Attorney

For use by Individuals, Businesses, Estates and Trusts (joint filers must each file a Power of Attorney form)

8821-VT, Authorization to Release Tax Information

This form authorizes release of your tax information to an authorized recipient. This is NOT a Power of Attorney and does not authorize recipient to act on your behalf or make binding agreements for you.

5930, Economic Advancement Tax Incentive Calculation Forms