Meals and Rooms Filing Checklist

Here’s a checklist of what you’ll need, whether you see a tax professional or file your own Form MRT-441, Meals and Rooms Tax Return.

Before You Open for Business:

  Register for a Vermont Business Tax Account Number
 Apply for your License

If your business will be collecting Meals and Rooms Tax you are required to apply for a license from the Department.The license shows that you are authorized to collect taxes on behalf of the State of Vermont. The license must be displayed at your place of business where it can be easily seen by customers. There is no charge for a Meals and Rooms Tax license.

Operating More Than One Location In Vermont
You will have just one Vermont Business Tax Account, but each location must obtain its own license and will file its own meals and rooms tax schedule. To obtain the additional licenses, register each separate location.

Ready to file?

You will need the following information to file your return:

 Business Name
 Federal ID Number
 Mailing Address
 Reporting period
 Business Tax Account Number
 Total charges for room rentals
 Total charges for alcoholic drinks served
 Total exempt sales
 Total taxable sales of meals, rooms, and alcohol made in each Local Option municipality