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Change My Address

What is your correct mailing address?

The correct mailing address is where your mail is delivered by the United States Postal Service, which may—or may not—be your physical address or 911 emergency address. We use the address on your most recently filed tax return, so if you anticipate moving to a new address soon after mailing your return, we suggest you use the new mailing address.

Why is a correct mailing address important?

It is important that the mailing address the Department has on file for you is correct. We will mail you your tax refund as well as correspondence about your tax return to the address on your return. As we process your return, we may request or verify information. Therefore, if we don’t have your correct address, it can slow processing of any refund we may owe you. Finally, if we discover attempted fraud on a tax return using your personal information, we will notify you by sending a letter to the mailing address we have on file.

How should you notify us of a new mailing address?

By Mail

If you have moved or changed your address since your last tax filing, please notify us in writing and include your signature.  You must include the following with your change of address letter:

  • Your full name
  • Your spouse’s name (if filing jointly)
  • A copy of your current driver’s license or other valid photo ID
  • One other form of ID 
  • Your old mailing address
  • Your new mailing address

Please mail your written request for an address change to:

Vermont Department of Taxes
PO Box 1645
Montpelier, VT 05601-1645


Please mail a copy of your current driver’s license or other valid photo ID and one other form of ID to the address listed above and complete the form below:

Enter your full name: FIRST, M, LAST
Enter your spouse's full name (if filing jointly): FIRST, M, LAST

Old Mailing Address
Enter your old mailing address

New Mailing Address
Enter your new mailing address

Please provide us with any additional information that will help us process your request. Thank you.
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