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Tax Year 2018 | Miscellaneous Tax Forms

Need help with a fillable PDF form? Read our fillable pdf tips for detailed instructions on how to download and complete a form.

No. Instructions Title
8821-VT   Authorization To Release Tax Information
B-2   Notice of Change
BR-400 Instructions Application for Business Tax Account
BR-401   Change In Business Principals With Fiscal Responsibility
PA-1   Special Power of Attorney for use by Individuals, Businesses, Estates and Trusts
REF-619   Application for Refund of Miscellaneous Taxes
Captive Insurance
CPT-635 Instructions Vermont Captive Insurance Tax Return
CTT-642   Cigarette Tax Stamp Order
CTT-643   Wholesale Cigarette & Tobacco Dealers Vermont Floor Stock Tax Return
CTT-644   Retail Cigarette And Tobacco Sellers Vermont Floor Stock Tax Return
CTT-645   Vermont Wholesale Dealers Claim For Cigarette Stamp Tax Refund
CTT-646   Wholesale Cigarette and Tobacco Dealer Report And Tax Return
CTT-647 Instructions Vermont Wholesale Cigarette and Tobacco Dealer License Application
CTT-648   Vermont Wholesale Dealers Claim for Tobacco Tax Refund
CTT-961   Cigarette And Tobacco Tax Payment Voucher

Form NPM-1, Licensed Wholesale Dealer Report Cigarette and Roll-Your-Own Sales of Non-Participating Manufacturer Brands NPM-1 report is now part of Form CTT-646, Wholesale Cigarette and Tobacco Dealer Report And Tax Return.

Fuel Tax
FGR-615 Instructions Fuel Tax And Petroleum Distributor Licensing Fee Return
Insurance Premium Tax
IPT-632 Instructions Estimate of Insurance Premium Tax
Malt and Vinous Beverage Tax
MVB-612   Malt and Vinous Beverage Tax Return
MVB-613   Malt and Vinous Beverage Distribution Report
Purchase Inventory   Malt and Vinous Beverage Purchase Inventory Worksheet
Gallons Worksheet   Malt and Vinous Beverage Gallons Worksheet
Railroad Tax
RCT-330   Railroad Corporate Tax Return Payment Voucher
RCT-331   Railroad Company Tax Return
Solar Energy Capacity Tax
SCT-603   Solar Energy Capacity Tax
SE-603A   Solar Energy Capacity Tax Explanation
Solid Waste Tax
SWT-608   Franchise Tax On Waste Facilities & Commercial Haulers Of Solid Waste
Telephone Gross Receipts Tax and Telephone Personal Property Tax
TGR-652   Telephone Gross Receipts Tax Return
TPP-650   Telephone Personal Property Tax Payment Voucher
TPP-651 File Using myVTax


Telephone Personal Property Tax Return and Schedule
TPP-653 Instructions Telephone Personal Property Schedule
Wind-Powered Electric Generating Facility Tax
WEF-602   Wind-Powered Electric Generating Facility Tax