Paying Tax Owed

Paying Tax Owed on Your Income Tax Return

You may pay your income tax, estimated income tax, and any Vermont tax bill online using one of the following payment methods:

ACH Debit (free)
If you file your return electronically you can submit your payment by ACH Debit.  Enter your account number and the routing number of your bank or financial institution into the secure online form.  Be sure to double check the numbers and match them exactly as errors will result in processing delays, and additional interest and penalties may accrue. ACH debit payments are processed within one business day of submission.  If you prefer, you may schedule your payment for any day up to and including the due date of your return. 

Credit card (3% nonrefundable fee)

Personal check, cashier’s check, or money order
You can mail your check or money order payable to the Vermont Department of Taxes.

If you file your return electronically and submit your payment by check or money order, you must complete and attach Form IN-116, Income Tax Payment Voucher with your payment.  Payments submitted without a voucher may be lost or misdirected which can result in late payment penalties. 

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