Assessing Property FAQs

Q: Can two or more non-contiguous parcels (separate parcel IDs) be conveyed with one property transfer tax return?

Q: Do comparable sales have to be from this town?

Q: Do state and federal properties require a change of appraisal notice when values change?

Q: What is the best way to handle bank appraisals when presented as evidence of value?

Q: What is the lowest amount cable can be depreciated?

Q: What is the most accurate choice for determining parcel size?

Q: What is the proper way to value excluded current use land?

Q: What should we do if qualified housing owners do not file?

Q: When should I update my Marshall & Swift books?

Q: Who determines the allocation if a homestead is in more than one town?

Q: Why do we update electric utilities and cable every year?

Q: Without building permits, how do I find out about who is working on their home?

Q: What constitutes contiguous property?

Q: Should subsidized rental housing values be adjusted annually?

Q: Should state and federal agencies be sent change of appraisal notices?

Q: How can I find comparable sales?

Q: Are fiber optics taxable?

Q: Are fuel storage tanks real or personal property? (trade fixture vs. real estate improvement)

Q: Are inventory forms public records?

Q: How do I determine the taxability of cellular, radio and communication towers?


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