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The Basics

myVTax is a secure online portal for filing and paying Vermont taxes. It is a modern integrated tax system, which streamlines the process of filing and paying your taxes online. Taxpayers who are eligible to sign up for myVTax are able to perform a variety of tasks.

  • Personal Income Tax

    • You may view your account, check the status of your refund, and make payments
  • Renter Rebate Claim

    • Form PR-141: Renter Rebate Claim for Vermont Residents Only
  • Homestead Declaration

    • Form HS-122: Homestead Declaration Return for Vermont Residents Only
  • Property Transfer Tax

    • Form PTT-172: Property Transfer Tax Return
    • Schedule PTT-175: Additional Buyer/Seller
    • Form PTT-173: Property Transfer Tax Payment Voucher
  • Land Gains Tax

    • Form LGT-177: Withholding Return
    • Form LGT-178: Land Gains Tax Return
    • Schedule LGT-179: Accompanies Form LGT-178
    • Schedule LGT-181: Foreclosure Basis Schedule
  • Business Entity Income Tax

    • Form BI-476: Business Income Tax Return for Vermont Residents Only
      • For qualifying businesses owned exclusively by Vermont residents
  • Sales & Use Tax

    • Form SUT-451: Sales and Use Tax Return
    • Form SUT-458: Aviation Jet Fuel and Natural Gas Return
  • Meals & Rooms Tax

    • Form MRT-441: Meals and Rooms Tax Return
  • Withholding

    • Form WHT-430: Withholding Tax Payment
    • Form WHT-434: Annual Withholding Reconciliation
    • Form WHT-436: Quarterly Withholding Reconciliation
  • Fuel Tax

    • Form FGR-615: Fuel Tax and Petroleum Distributor Licensing Fee Return
  • Fiduciary Income Tax

    • You may view your account and make payments including quarterly estimated payments
  • Bank Franchise Tax

    • Form BFT-661: Bank Franchise Tax Return
    • Form BFT-662: Tax Credits Earned, Applied, Expired, and Carried Forward for Bank Franchise (if applicable)
  • Health Care Claims Tax

    • Form HCT-607: Health Care Claims Tax (HCCT) Return
    • Form HCT-609: Third Party Representation Schedule (if applicable)
  • Insurance Premium Tax

    • Form IPT-633: Vermont Insurance Premium Tax Return
    • Form IPT-634: Tax Credits Earned, Applied, Expired, and Carried Forward (if applicable)
  • Captive Insurance Premium Tax

    • Form CPT-635: Vermont Captive Insurance Tax Return
    • Form CPT-636: Captive Insurance Affiliates Schedule (if applicable)
    • Form CPT-637: Tax Calculation Schedule for Sponsored Captives (if applicable)
    • Form CPT-638: Supporting Schedule for Combining Individual Protected Cells (if applicable)

Tax practitioners also may create myVTax accounts so that their clients can allow them access to their tax accounts. Access to client tax accounts is limited to the account types currently available in myVTax.

Modernized e-File Users (MeF): If you file through MeF, you may continue to do so even if the tax type can be filed through myVTax. Personal income tax and fiduciary tax cannot be filed through myVTax and must be filed through MeF vendor software.