Commercial Software Errors

September 1 Update: Vermont Provides Relief to Taxpayers Affected by Software Issues

The Vermont Department of Taxes is pleased to announce agreements with the three remaining impacted software companies. As previously announced, taxpayers whose 2015 returns were impacted by certain commercial software issues (related to itemized deductions) will not be required to amend or pay any additional tax. The Department stopped processing any such amendments that it received after June 29 and any payments received related to such amendments prior to that date have been refunded. For more information, please view our press releases or the FAQs below.

Press Releases

Commercial Software Vendors Settle with Vermont over Tax Preparation Issues Sept. 1, 2016
Vermont Provides Relief to Taxpayers Affected by Software Errors July 5, 2016
Vermont Department of Taxes Offers Help for Taxpayers Impacted by Commercial Software Errors May 16, 2016



Here is a list of FAQs Regarding 2015 Tax Return Errors Linked to Commercial Software. If you still have questions after reviewing this list, please  contact us directly.

Q: I already sent my check in with my amended return. How can I get my payment returned to me?

Q: I haven’t amended yet. Do I still have to send in an amendment to be sure your systems have the correct information for me for next year?

Q: I have moved since I filed – can I give you my new address so my check goes to the right place?

Q: How do I know I really don’t have to pay this? Are you going to just send me a bill next year?

Q: What has happened to my tax liability? Are you waiving it completely? Is the software vendor paying it for me?

Q: What if the Department adjusted my return for me?

Q: I’m filing on extension. How does this impact me?

Q: What Were the Errors?

Q: What is Vermont Schedule IN-155?

Q: How Do I Know If These Errors Were Made On My 2015 Return?

Q: What Software Products Had Errors?

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