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Filing Checklist

You may file your Homestead Declaration and Property Tax Credit claim using myVTax. Filing online is quick, easy, and free.

Filing the Homestead Declaration

The Homestead Declaration is filed using Form HS-122, the Homestead Declaration and Property Tax Credit Claim or save time by filing your Homestead Declaration online.

Many people file their Homestead Declarations at the same time they file their Vermont income tax returns. However, if you apply to extend the time to file your income tax return, the declaration must still be filed by the April filing deadline. Even if a person is not required to file a Vermont Income Tax Return, the declaration must be filed by the deadline.

Tip: If you file a paper form, it is important to remember to sign the form at the bottom of the reverse side (below the Property Tax Credit).

What you will need to file

In addition to the property owner’s basic information, you should have the following available when filing:

  • the property owner’s Social Security Number
  • the code of the Vermont school district in which the property is located, which may be found on the property tax bill (the school code is the middle three digits of the SPAN).

Withdrawing a Homestead Declaration

There may be a situation where the Homestead Declaration has been filed between Jan. 1 and April 1 but needs to be withdrawn.

The following are a few common reasons for withdrawal:

  • The homestead was not owned by the person declaring it as a homestead on April 1.
  • The homestead was converted to a nonhomestead (formerly "nonresidential") property on or before April 1.
  • The Homestead Declaration was submitted in error (for example, it was not the owner’s primary residence).
  • The homestead was leased to a tenant for more than 182 days.

To withdraw the declaration, use Form HS-122W, Vermont Homestead Declaration and/or Property Tax Credit Withdrawal.

32 V.S.A. § 5410 Homestead Declaration