Renting Your Homestead

Rental Use of Dwelling

Enter the percentage of your home that you rent to another person.

There is no 25% allowance for rentals. All rental use must be reported. The rental use percentage is generally the same percentage as reported on your Federal income tax return. Example for calculating rental use is: 1,800 square foot home with 365 square feet rented. The 20.27% rental use (365/1,800 is rounded to 20.00%. Eighty percent of your home will be taxed at the resident rate.

Renting at the End of the Year

If you owned a Vermont homestead in the previous calendar year, sold the homestead before April 1, withdrew or did not file a Property Tax Credit and rented between the date of the sale and Dec. 31, you may be eligible for a Renter Rebate Claim for rent paid in the previous calendar year. To qualify for a renter rebate, your household income must be $47,000 or less.

Please note: This is the only situation where a renter rebate can be claimed for fewer than 12 months.

Ready to file a Renter Rebate Claim?