What is Household Income?

For Vermont tax purposes, Household Income includes all the funds available to support a household, even if you did not receive any financial contribution from the members of the household.

  • It includes both taxable and nontaxable income. See income sources for more information.
  • It includes all sources of income of any persons living in your household. This refers to individuals, including children, who lived in your home for any period of time during the year and who may or may not be related to you.
  • Note that unless you are separated with a final decree signed by a judge or divorced with a final decree signed by a judge, your spouse/civil union partner’s income must be included (unless they were at least 62 years old and permanently residing in a nursing home or other care facility).
  • Include income of your spouse/civil union partner, whether or not you were living in the same household, from Jan. 1 until the date the final divorce decree or final legal separation decree was signed by a judge.

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