Who Is a Member of Your Household?

Household members may include:

  • Yourself
  • Your spouse or civil union partner
  • Roommates/housemates
  • Family members, including children, even if they file their own income tax returns and are not considered dependents
  • The Social Security Number of all household members is required.

Tip: If a person living with you is planning to move, be sure to get the person’s Social Security Number and income information you’ll need to complete the HI-144 before they move.

Household members do not include:

  • A person not related to any household member and living in the household under a written homesharing agreement with an authorized program
  • A person living in the household who is a bona fide employee hired to provide personal care to a member of the household and who is not related to the person for whom the care is provided
  • A person who resides with you to provide attendant care services, homemaker, or companionship services, with or without compensation, that allows you to remain in your home or avoid institutionalization. However, you must be disabled or at least 62 years of age as of December 31 of the tax year

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