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Amend a Claim

Amending or Changing Renter Rebate Information

An extension of time is not available for the Renter Rebate Claim.  It must be filed no later than the October filing deadline. 

If you cannot determine your household income by the due date for the renter rebate claim, file Form PR-141, Renter Rebate Claim and complete Schedule HI-144, Household Income Schedule with the best information available.  You are responsible for filing an amended Schedule HI-144 when you know your actual household income. Use Schedule HI-144 for the applicable year to amend household income.  Enter the correct household income and mark on the top of the HI-144 AMENDED.  Send the amended Schedule HI-144 separately from any other returns being filed with the Department.

The only change allowed to a renter rebate claim after the due date is a change to household income.  You can amend the household income reported on the original Schedule HI-144 if the  original Form PR-141 was filed by the due date. The amendment must be done within three years from the April filing deadline of the original form.

Requests for Additional Information

You may be asked to supply additional information.  Such a request does not necessarily mean that you filed improperly. These requests are a routine part of processing returns.

Missing Information or Incomplete Filing

A Renter Rebate Claim with incomplete or missing information is not considered filed. The missing information must be provided by the October filing deadline. Information received after that time cannot be accepted and the return will be considered unfiled.

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