2011 Individuals, Estate and Fiduciary Tax Forms

No. Instructions Form Title
2011 Income Tax Return   Income Tax Return Booklet - Forms and Instructions
Form IN-111 Instructions Vermont Income Tax Return
Schedule IN-112   VT Tax Adjustments and Credits
Schedule IN-113   Income Adjustment Calculations
Form IN-114   Individual Income Estimated Tax Payment Vouchers
Form IN-116   Income Tax Payment Voucher
Schedule IN-117   VT Credit for Income Tax Paid to Other State or Canadian Province
Schedule IN-119   VT Economic Incentive Income Tax Credits
Form IN-151   Application For Extension Of Time To File Form IN-111
Form IN-152   Underpayment of 2011 Estimated Individual Income Tax
Schedule IN-153   Capital Gain Exclusion Calculation
Schedule IN-154   State / Local Income Tax Addback
Form HS-132   Notice to Withdraw Vermont Homestead Declaration
Form HS-145 Worksheet Property Tax Adjustment Claim
Schedule HI-144   Household Income
Form PR-141   Renter Rebate Claim
Lifeline Application   Application for Lifeline Telephone Service Credit
Pharmacy Application   Vermont Pharmacy Programs
Form SDX-1   Certification of Storm Damage and  Extension Request
Estate and Fiduciary
Form FI-161   Fiduciary Return of Income
Form FI-162   Capital Gains Exclusions for Estates or Trusts


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