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Tax Professional Resources

We provide a number of ways tax professionals can get help on Vermont tax topics. There are also many professional organizations in Vermont that provide additional resources and educational opportunities. Please refer to their websites below for more information.

Vermont Resources

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Resources

Please note: The directory is updated regularly although it may take up to four weeks after the IRS receives an update for a tax return preparer's information to be added or revised in the directory.

You can receive information specifically geared to:
  • E-file providers and partners
  • Enrolled actuaries
  • Enrolled agents

In addition:

  • Receive tax information via email from the IRS daily during the tax-filing season and periodically the rest of the year by signing up for IRS Tax Tips.
  • Subscribe to a number of IRS e-mail services which provide updates to tax related information on a local or national level. Each service individually describes the type of information you can expect to receive.