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Important Update: The Department of Taxes received about 175,000 Homestead Declarations and Property Tax Adjustment Claims, over 50,000 of which have errored in our system, requiring manual review. While we have worked through a substantial portion of those, not all claims were transmitted to towns in time for their July property tax billing. Approximately 75 of Vermont’s 256 towns bill in July. If you reside in one of those towns and were expecting a Property Tax Adjustment or were billed at the non-residential rate on a Homestead property, you will likely be receiving a revised bill in August. There are approximately 4,500 bills that may need to be revised by about 75 towns when a new file is sent. The Department acknowledges and apologizes for the delay in processing these forms. Read more >>

Most property taxes in Vermont are administered and assessed at the municipal level. The Department’s Division of Property Valuation and Review provides guidance and support to Vermont’s cities and towns. We help municipal officials, such as town clerks, listers, and assessors, properly apply Vermont statutes, regulations, and rules.

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