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Tax Professional Forms

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No. Instructions Title
8821-VT   Authorization To Release Tax Information
OIC-671   Offer in Compromise Agreement
OIC-672   Collection Information Statement for Businesses
OIC-673   Collection Information Statement For Wage Earners And Self-Employed Individuals
PA-1   Special Power of Attorney for use by Individuals, Businesses, Estates and Trusts
TAX-692   Financial and Income Statement For Businesses
TAX-693   Financial and Income Statement for Wage Earners and Self-Employed Individuals
GB-1090   myVTax Guide: Granting Tax Professional Access to an Account
GB-1287   myVTax Guide: How to Create an Additional Username for a Third-Party Account
GB-1289   myVTax Guide: How to File, View, Pay and Access a Saved Return Without Logging in
GB-1135   myVTax Guide: How to Make an e-Payment Without an Established myVTax Account
GB-1282   myVTax Guide - How to Recover your Username and Reset Your Password
GB-1132   myVTax Guide: How to Submit a Third-Party Authorization