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How To File An Appeal

If you have received a notice from the Department of any of the following, and have been unable to resolve your disagreement with the Department, you may request a formal appeal regarding:

  • Tax assessments
  • Notice of change to your tax return
  • Denial of a refund claim or credit
  • Denial or reduction of property tax credit
  • Denial or reduction of renter rebate
  • Suspension or revocation of a license or certificate
  • Requirement of bond
  • Notice of Withdrawal from the Use Value Appraisal Program

Getting Started

When Should I Appeal?

If you've received a first or second notice of assessment, you have the right to appeal your assessment. Appeals must be received within 60 days of the mailing of the notice. If you appeal on myVTax, please make sure to enter the letter ID associated with your first or second notice of assessment.

An appeal is appropriate if:

  • You believe the facts used by the Department are incorrect
  • You think the Department is applying a law or regulation incorrectly

An appeal is not appropriate if:

  • You are only concerned that you cannot afford to pay the amount you owe. If you cannot pay what you owe, please contact the Department at (802) 828-2518 to set up a payment plan.

Requesting an Appeal

If you decide to appeal your assessment, you must request an appeal in writing, within 60 days of the notice of the assessment or denial that you are appealing or within 30 days of the notice of development or discontinuance from the current use program. You or your representative must sign the request for an appeal, and mail or deliver the request to:

Vermont Department of Taxes
133 State Street
Montpelier, VT 05633-1401

You may also submit your request by email or fax. Please refer to your assessment letter for the correct contact information or see our FAQs on how to respond to correspondence in myVTax.

Deadline for Appealing to the Commissioner

The notice you received from the Department showing your tax liability or denial of refund or credit will contain a statement that the deadline for an appeal is 60 days from the date of that notice. The time for appealing a notice of development or discontinuance is 30 days from the date of the decision.

After You File Your Request

You will receive an acknowledgment of your appeal from the Department.  The acknowledgment will provide you with the name of a contact person at the Department.  It is suggested that you call that person to discuss your appeal.  You may also request an informal meeting to discuss the issues and possible settlement. If you and the Department do not reach a settlement agreement within a reasonable timeframe, your case will be scheduled for a hearing. 

Once you and the Department are unable to reach a settlement agreement, you will receive a written notice your case has been docketed, meaning your appeal has been officially placed in queue for a hearing.  Generally speaking, the Department attorney assigned to your case will contact you, describe the issues at hand, and offer to meet with you. If you do not request a meeting with the Department attorney and/or you are unable to reach a settlement agreement with the Department attorney, you will receive a written notice detailing the date and time of your appeal hearing.