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Reporting Fraud

How to Report Suspected Fraud

If you suspect an individual or business is not complying with tax law, you may report this activity to the Department. To report an alleged instance of tax fraud, please complete the form below or contact us at (802) 828-6602.

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Information About the Person or Business

Information About the Person or Business You Are Reporting

Obtained refund check(s) not belonging to individual or business.
Working under the table.
Tax not collected on a purchase.
Tax collected but not remitted to the state.
Taxes not withheld from income paid to worker.
Individual or business did not file required return(s).
Created fake documents to substantiate a false refund.

 Alleged Violation Type

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Please describe the alleged violation (who, what, when, and how).

Date of Alleged Violation

(if known)

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