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Online Biennial Report

32 V.S.A. 3101(b) requires the Commissioner of Taxes to “Report biennially to the General Assembly”. Rather than limiting our readers to a biennial report, we are maintaining this webpage, which shall serve to meet the reporting requirement above and provide all reports and information as soon as they are available.

Here, we provide an up to date and comprehensive overview of the progress, achievements, obstacles, and changes that have occurred in the Department though an extensive list of statistical data and subject matter reports. This listing will give insight into Department operations and detailed data about the revenue collected on behalf of the state. To learn more about the state budget, the strategic plan, and for detailed information on revenue, please review the State Budget and Performance Accountability reports.


100 Top Delinquent Taxpayers Report
Current Use Audit Report
Equalization Study
Fiscal Year 2024 Budget Request
Hold Harmless Report
Monthly Revenue Report
Legislative Highlights
Payment-in-Lieu-of-Taxes (PILOT)
Property Valuation & Review Annual Report
Tax Expenditure Report
Taxpayer Advocate Report
Statistical Data
Income Tax
Meals and Rooms Tax
Property Tax Credit
Property Transfer Tax
Sales and Use Tax
Biennial Report Archive
2013-2014 Biennial Report
2011-2012 Biennial Report
2009-2010 Biennial Report
2007-2008 Biennial Report
2005-2006 Biennial Report
2004-2003 Biennial Report