Real Estate Transaction Taxes

When property is transferred in Vermont, real estate transaction taxes may be due.  These taxes include Property Transfer Tax, Real Estate Withholding, and Land Gains Tax.

Qualified property owners may request a Commissioner’s Certificate to exempt them from the Real Estate Withholding and Land Gains taxes.

New e-File Services for Property Transfer Tax, Land Gains Tax, and Land Gains Withholding Tax

On Dec. 7, 2016, the Vermont Department of Taxes is adding convenient new services and features to myVTax, your online portal to file and pay Vermont taxes.

We are moving the Property Transfer Tax Return, Land Gains Return for both buyers and sellers, and requests for Commissioner’s Certificates into myVTax.  This new system replaces ePTTR which was used for filing property transfer taxes, and ePTTR will be retired.

With myVTax, filing will become easier and more convenient. Here are some of the features you’ll appreciate:

  • File and pay your taxes online
  • Share returns between representatives of the buyer and seller to help prepare accurate and complete returns for closing on the property sale
  • Check the status of your return or certificate request
  • View your return history and any requests filed through myVTax
  • Contact the Department through secure online messaging
  • Prepopulate data from Property Transfer Tax Return to the Land Gains Return
  • Protect your privacy by masking Social Security Numbers and Federal Employer Identification Numbers

Requirement for E-filing

Tax preparers who file more than five returns or certificate requests per calendar year are required to use myVtax for filing.  The $5 online filing fee has been eliminated for Property Transfer Tax Returns.

myVTax Videos and Guides

We have created helpful guides and short videos to help you with the transition from ePTTR to myVTax.

Watch: How to Login and File a Property Transfer Tax Return
Watch: How to File a Land Gains Tax Return
my VTax Guides
myVTax Guide for Attorneys & Staff
myVTax Guide for Town Clerks: How to Add More Users
myVTax Guide for Town Clerks: How to Record Returns
Town Clerks: When to Mail Paper Versions of the Property Transfer Tax Return to the State
Form LGT-177 Instructions Vermont Land Gains Withholding Tax Return To Be Completed By Buyer (Transferee) myVTax
Form LGT-178 Instructions Vermont Land Gains Tax Return To Be Completed By Seller (Transferor) myVTax
Form LGT-179 Instructions Vermont Land Gains Schedules
Form LGT-174   Land Gains Installment Payment Voucher
Form LGT-181 Instructions Land Gains Basis Calculation Foreclosure Property myVTax
Form PTT-172 Instructions Vermont Property Transfer Tax Return (Overview) myVTax
Schedule PTT-175  myVTax Additional Transferors And Transferees
Form PTT-173  Instructions Property Transfer Payment Voucher
Reference Guides
Quick Reference Guide for Vermont Land Gains Withholding Tax Return - Form LGT-177, AND Vermont Land Gains Tax Return - Form LGT-178
Quick Reference Guide for Vermont Property Transfer Tax Return - Form PTT-172

Looking for more myVTax videos and guides?

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