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Tax Research Requests

The Department's policy division receives many requests for data, statistical summaries, analysis, and other tax research. Many requests can be satisfied from existing reports published periodically by the Department.

See Published Reports

Requests for other information that the department likely already has on hand or is easily queried can be submitted through a public records request.

If you have a request for information that is not already available in our published statistics and is not a standard public records request, please contact us at (802) 828-2505 or send us an email.

Please note: To the extent a request is made for information that does not already exist as a record, there is no obligation under Vermont’s Access to Public Records law to undertake research or create a new document or file, but the Department does try to fulfill requests of this nature when time allows. Requests for data are easier and more likely to be filled than requests for analysis or research. The Department prioritizes requests from the executive branch, the legislative branch and its staff, the state’s economists, other State of Vermont agencies or departments, and municipal officials before those of external groups or the public.