We publish a number of reports about various aspects of the Department’s work for taxpayers and tax professionals. The diversity of our reports is described as follows:

  • They cover a wide range of Tax Department functions.
  • Some are useful as a quick reference to learn more about the general achievements of the Department.
  • Some provide an in-depth understanding of specific types of taxes.
  • They are published at varying intervals, ranging from monthly to every other year.
  • Much of the information presented in most of the reports takes the form of statistical tables.

Reports to the Vermont General Assembly

No. Title Submitted
View Act 34 and Act 51 Report on Data-Sharing Opportunities for Maximizing Eligibility for Public Benefit Programs December 2019
RP-1263 Act 51 Vermont Corporate Income Tax Report December 2019
View Fiscal Year 2020 Budget Request June 2019
View Act 10 (2018 Special Session), Relating to Short-Term Rentals January 2019
View Vermont Tax Department Impact Analysis: TCJA Effect on Vermont Income Tax February 2018
View Vermont Resident Personal Income Effective Tax Rates Before TCJA, After TCJA, and Under Reform Scenario 1: AGI $0 - $50,000 February 2018
View Act 73 of 2017, Sec. 24a. Small Business Taxpayer Outreach and Education Working Group November 2017
View Internet-Based Lodging Study January 2017
View Study of Transfer of Malt Beverages Between Licensed Manufacturing Locations January 2017
View Aggregate CLA Legislative Study Committee of Act 132 of 2016 December 2016
View Collections Unit Status Report | Act 57 of 2015, Sec. 46. Transition August 2016
View Economic Advancement Tax Incentives Program Overview July 2016
View Tax Increment Financing Districts in Vermont April 2016
View Sales Tax on Services Study January 2016
View Use Value Municpal Reimbursement January 2016
View Year Used to Calculate Property Tax Adjustments January 2016
View Compliance Programs, Activities, Trends, and Targets January 2014
View Electronic Administration of Landlord Certificates 2013 January 2013
View About the 2012 Annual Paid Claims & Enrollment Report (APCER) for VHCURES September 2012
View 2012 Annual Report on Digital Business Entities January 2012
View Feasibility of an Internet-Based Use Tax Reporting and Payment System January 2012
View Taxpayer Outreach Study January 2012
View Report on 2009 Vermont Tax Amnesty December 2009
View Vermont Tax Expenditures 2009 Biennial Report January 2009

Biennial Reports to the Vermont General Assembly

No. Title Submitted
View Department of Taxes Online Biennial Report December 2019
View 2012-2013 Department of Taxes Biennial Report November 2015
View Vermont Tax Expenditures 2015 Biennial Report January 2015
View Annual Report on the Tax Computer System Modernization Fund November 2013
View 2011-2012 Department of Taxes Biennial Report April 2013
View Vermont Tax Expenditures 2013 Biennial Report January 2013
View Tax Expenditure Report with Recommendations Regarding What Federal Tax Expenditures That Pass Through to Vermont Should Be Included in the Biennial Report January 2012
View Vermont Tax Expenditures 2011 Biennial Report January 2011
View 2009-2010 Department of Taxes Biennial Report 2011
View Vermont Tax Expenditures 2009 Biennial Report January 2009
View 2007-2008 Department of Taxes Biennial Report 2009
View Vermont Tax Expenditures Transition Report  January 2008
View Tax Expenditures Transition Report on Personal and Corporate Income Taxes Sales and Use Taxes  January 2007
View 2005-2006 Department of Taxes Biennial Report 2007
View 2003-2004 Department of Taxes Biennial Report 2005

Property Valuation and Review (PVR) Reports

No. Title Supplemental Data Submitted
View 2019 PVR Annual Report 2019 Grand List Data January 2020
View Act 73 Report on Reimbursement of Municipal Appeal Losses December 2019
View Current Use Audits 2018 Audit Findings for Panton, Sutton and Waitsfield January 2019
View 2018 PVR Annual Report 2018 Grand List Data January 2019
View 2017 PVR Annual Report 2017 Grand List Data January 2018
View 2016 PVR Annual Report 2016 Grand List Data January 2017
View 2015 PVR Annual Report 2015 Grand List Data January 2016
View 2014 PVR Annual Report 2014 Grand List Data January 2015
View 2013 PVR Annual Report 2013 Grand List Data January 2014
View 2012 PVR Annual Report 2012 Grand List Data January 2013
View 2011 PVR Annual Report 2011 Grand List Data January 2012
View 2010 PVR Annual Report 2010 Grand List Data January 2011
View 2009 PVR Annual Report 2009 Grand List Data January 2010
View 2008 PVR Annual Report 2008 Grand List Data January 2009
View 2007 PVR Annual Report 2007 Grand List Data January 2008
View 2006 PVR Annual Report 2006 Grand List Data January 2007

Taxpayer Advocate Reports

No. Year Submitted
View Based on Calendar Year 2019 Activity January 2020
View Based on Calendar Year 2018 Activity January 2019
View Based on Calendar Year 2017 Activity January 2018
View Based on Calendar Year 2016 Activity December 2017
View Based on Calendar Year 2015 Activity January 2016
View Based on Calendar Year 2014 Activity January 2015
View Based on Calendar Year 2013 Activity January 2014
View Based on Calendar Year 2012 Activity January 2013

Other Reports

No. Year Submitted
View 100 Delinquent Taxpayers Report Updated Regularly
View All Equalization Study Reports Annually
View All Hold Harmless Reports Annually
View All Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) Annually

Highlights of Tax Legislation Reports