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Property Transfer Tax Statistics

This report holds information of property sales by town and property category.  Furthermore, details for total sales, average, and median selling prices of properties for valid sales are reported.  Valid sales represent true market transactions between a willing buyer and seller, excluding straw transfers or sales between members of the immediate family among others.

To see  the weekly public property transfer data please use the following compatible web browser: Firefox. A new tab or window will open.

View Weekly Public Property Transfer Data

Reports by Year

Year Town Report County Report
2021 Town (xlsx) County (xlsx)
2020 Town (xlsx) County (xlsx)
2019 Town (xlsx) County (xlsx)
2018 Town (xls) County (xls)
2017 Town (xls) County (xls)
2016 Town (xls) County (xls)
2015 Town (pdf)  
2014 Town (pdf)  
2013 Town (pdf)  
2012 Town (pdf)  
2011 Town (pdf)  
2010 Town (pdf)  

The property transfer tax is a tax on the transfer of title to real property based on the purchase price paid by the buyer.

Rate Schedule
  • 0.0145 of property value

Principal Residence

  • 0.005 on the first $100,000
  • 0.0145 on balance

Mortgage obtained through VT Housing Finance Agency/VT Housing & Conservation Trust Fund or the US Department of Agriculture and Rural Development

  • First $110,000 is exempt
  • 0.0125 on balance on purchase price between $ 110,001 and $ 200,000 
  • 0.0145 on balance of purchase price over $ 200,000

Lands enrolled in State use value appraisal programs

  • 0.005 Properties transferred before July 1, 2011
  • 0.0125 Properties transferred on or after July 1, 2011 and before June 16, 2015
  • 0.0145 for properties transferred after June 16, 2015