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Property Valuation & Review Annual Report

On an annual basis, the Director of the Property Valuation and Review shall deliver to the Speaker of the House of Representatives and to the President Pro Tempore of the Senate copies of an annual report including in that report all rules issued in the preceding year.

The report shall include the rate per dollar and the amount of all taxes assessed in each and all of the towns, gores, school and fire districts and villages for and during the year ending with June 30, preceding, and the value of all exempt property on each grand list as required by subsection 4152(a) of title 32. The report shall also include an analysis of the appraisal practices and methods employed through the State.

The Director shall include recommendations for statutory changes if necessary.

Report Published Supplemental Data
2021 Annual Report Jan. 2022 2021 Grand List Data
2020 Annual Report Jan. 2021 2020 Grand List Data
2019 Annual Report Jan. 2020 2019 Grand List Data
2018 Annual Report Jan. 2019 2018 Grand List Data
2017 Annual Report Jan. 2018 2017 Grand List Data
2016 Annual Report Jan. 2017 2016 Grand List Data
2015 Annual Report Jan. 2016 2015 Grand List Data
2014 Annual Report Jan. 2015 2014 Grand List Data
2013 Annual Report Jan. 2014 2013 Grand List Data
2012 Annual Report Jan. 2013 2012 Grand List Data
2011 Annual Report Jan. 2012 2011 Grand List Data
2010 Annual Report Jan. 2011 2010 Grand List Data
2009 Annual Report Jan. 2010 2009 Grand List Data
2008 Annual Report Jan. 2009 2008 Grand List Data
2007 Annual Report Jan. 2008 2007 Grand List Data
2006 Annual Report Jan. 2007 2006 Grand List Data