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Order Paper Forms

2020 Vermont Income Tax Return Booklets may be picked up at the self-service kiosk located at the rear entrance of the Vermont Department of Taxes at 133 State Street in Montpelier. Booklets will be available for pick up February 12 through April 15 during regular business hours.

If you are unable to file electronically or download and print forms from our website, you may request paper forms be mailed to you. If you need forms from multiple tax years, select a tax year from the dropdown box, hold down the control button and then select the additional tax years.

Associated Fees

Ordering 1-5 forms or booklets
You may order up to a total of 5 forms and booklets per calendar year free of charge. 

Ordering 6 or more forms or booklets
If you order 6 or more forms or tax return booklets in a calendar year, the fee is $1.00 per form and $3.00 per booklet. Complete the form below, enter the form name or number, tax year, and quantity, and the Department will mail you an invoice.

There is no fee if you are ordering Form LC-142.

How to Order

One copy of the corresponding instruction is automatically included with your forms order. Your order should arrive within 10 business days. You may complete the online order form or select one of the ordering options below:

By Phone or Fax

Phone: (802) 828-2515 or (855) 297-5600
Fax: (802) 828-6892

By Mail

Please mail your written request to:

Vermont Department of Taxes
133 State Street
Montpelier, VT 05633-1401

Please include: Full name, company name (if applicable), mailing address, form name or number, tax year, and quantity of each, telephone number, and email address (optional)


Enter the requested information in the fields below and check the desired form(s) or booklet(s).

Order Tax Forms Online

Income Tax Return Booklet

Contains forms and instructions for:

  • IN-111, Vermont Income Tax Return

  • IN-112, Vermont Tax Adjustments and Credits

  • IN-113, Income Adjustment Calculations

  • IN-116, Income Tax Payment Voucher

  • PR-141, Renter Rebate Claim

  • HS-122, Vermont Homestead Declaration AND Property Tax Credit Claim

  • HI-144, Household Income

  • and Lifeline Telecommunications Program Information

Booklet Tax Year(s)

IN-114, Individual Income Estimated Tax Payment Voucher
IN-114 Tax Year(s)

IN-151, Application for Extension Of Time To File Form IN-111

IN-152, Underpayment of Estimated Individual Income Tax

IN-152 Tax Year(s)

IN-153, Capital Gain Exclusion Calculation

IN-153 Tax Year(s)

LC-142, Landlord Certificate

No quantity limit. All orders are free of charge.

If you need a form not listed here, please indicate the form number or name, tax year, and quantity of each.
If you are requesting forms on a company’s behalf.
Mailing Address