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Unclaimed Refunds

Every year, the Vermont Department of Taxes reviews our files to find unclaimed refunds from the prior year. We refer unclaimed refunds meeting certain requirements to the Unclaimed Property Division of the Vermont State Treasurer’s Office. Before we refer a refund of $50 or more, we send a notice by mail letting the taxpayer know that we are about to turn over the refund to Unclaimed Property. The letter is sent in January or February to the taxpayer’s last known address.

The letter provides information about the refund and instructs the taxpayer on how to request payment before it is sent to Unclaimed Property. If the taxpayer does not respond, we forward the refund to Unclaimed Property. The taxpayer must then contact the Treasurer’s Office to claim it.

To request payment from the Department directly, mail or fax your request to:

Vermont Department of Taxes
ATTN: Revenue Accounting Section
PO Box 429
Montpelier, VT  05601-0429

Fax: (802) 828-0420

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get my refund once I have returned the letter with the requested information?

We receive responses from hundreds of taxpayers asking the Department to reissue refunds. Please allow four to six weeks for processing.

The recipient of the letter is my family member who has died. What do I do?

You should forward the letter to the individual the court has appointed to handle the estate. This person should provide the information requested in the letter and return the letter to the Department with a copy of the court’s appointment.

I’m currently deployed overseas with the U.S. military, and my mail is sent to my home of record. I was contacted saying this letter was received at my home. What do I do?

Your designee holding a Power of Attorney (POA) may complete and return the letter on your behalf to the Department. Be sure to include a copy of the POA. Another option is to fax a signed copy of the completed letter to the Department at (802) 828-0420.

I may have a missing refund but didn’t get a letter, what do I do?

If you think you may have a missing refund, please call the Department at (802) 828-2523 or send an email.