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How to File

You may file your Vermont income tax return either on a paper form or electronically through commercial vendor software. You also may choose to hire a tax professional to prepare the return for you, either on paper or e-file.

Choosing Commercial Software

The Vermont Department of Taxes does not offer a direct e-file option for individual taxpayers at this time. However, you may e-file through one of a number of software vendors who offer federal and Vermont forms. Fees will vary. Some vendors may offer free e-filing depending on your income.

Why E-File?

Electronic filing allows us to quickly and more accurately process your refund. This is because the software does the math for you and may catch errors, such as omitting a Social Security Number or a signature, which can slow processing time.

E-filing is also a secure way to file. There is no evidence that e-filing contributes to identity theft and tax refund crime. Rather, it appears more likely that the recent incidences of tax refund fraud are connected to well-publicized data breaches unrelated to the e-filing of taxes.

Choosing A Professional Tax Preparer

Many taxpayers choose to work with professional tax preparers. Neither the IRS nor the Vermont Department of Taxes endorses tax preparers, so you should conduct your own due diligence to find a reputable professional who will meet your tax preparation needs. The IRS provides the following online searchable databases that can help you find a tax preparer in Vermont:

Want to know how to authorize someone to prepare and file a tax return on your behalf?

Paying Tax Owed On Your Income Tax Return

You may pay your income tax, estimated income tax, and any Vermont tax bill online using one of the following:

  • ACH Debit (free)
  • Credit card (3% nonrefundable fee)
  • Personal check, cashier’s check, or money order

About ACH Debit

To pay with ACH Debit, you will need to enter the account number with your financial institution and the institution’s routing number into the secure online form. Be sure to double check these numbers and match them exactly as errors will result in processing delays, and additional interest and penalties may accrue. ACH debit payments are processed within one business day of submission.

What is “Timely” Payment?

Payment by check or money order
If you mail your check or money order, the payment is considered timely if the Department receives your payment within three (3) business days after the due date of the tax return.

Payment by electronic funds transfer (EFT)
If payment is allowed or required by EFT, then the payment must be received by the Department up to six (6) days after the due date of the tax return.