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Renter Credit

The Renter Credit is a refundable tax credit available to eligible Vermont residents who rented during the prior calendar year. Renters may be eligible even if they are not required to file a tax return.

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Eligibility Requirements

You must meet the following eligibility requirements to file a Renter Credit Claim:

  • You were domiciled in Vermont for the entire calendar year

  • You were not claimed as a dependent of another taxpayer

  • You rented in Vermont at least six months, although the six months do not need to be consecutive

  • You meet the income eligibility limits based on your family size

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What You Will Need to File

  • Your School Property Account Number (SPAN)

  • Form RCC-146, Renter Credit Claim

SPAN Finder

Enter an address in the search bar to find the School Property Account Number (SPAN) of a property. Open the SPAN finder in a new window.


How to File

If eligible, you can file a claim along with your Vermont income tax return or separately. You may file a Renter Credit Claim even if you are not required to file an income tax return because your income is below the filing requirement. No claims for the prior tax year are accepted after the October extended due date.


The Renter Credit Claim can be filed electronically through your tax software or directly in myVTax.

How to Videos


Paper Returns

To file a paper claim, download a copy of form RCC-146, Renter Credit Claim, or you may request paper forms be mailed to you.

Mail the completed form to:

Vermont Department of Taxes
P.O. Box 1881
Montpelier, VT 05601-1645

For questions about filing a renter credit claim, contact us at or call (802) 828-2865 or (866) 828-2865.

Renter Credit Forms and Guidance

myVTax Instructions

Title Number Revised
myVTax Guide: How to Check the Status of a Return or a Refund GB-1286 2020
myVTax Guide: How to Complete the Renter Credit Claim GB-1128 2023

Tax Forms and Instructions

Form Number Instructions Title Revised
2023 Income Tax Return Booklet Included with form Tax Year 2023 Vermont Income Tax Return Booklet - This booklet includes forms and instructions for IN-111, IN-112, IN-113, IN-116, HS-122, RCC-146, HI-144 2023
RCC-146 Instructions Vermont Renter Credit Claim 2023


Title Revised
2023 Renter Credit Calculator (xlsx) 2023

Fact Sheets and Guidance

Title Number Revised
Free File FL-1167 2023
Renter Credit Program - Information for Renters FL-1305 2023
Vermont Tax Guide for Military and National Services GB-1099 2021

Filing Due Dates

No claims will be accepted after the October due date.

Due Date Final Date Accepted
April 15, 2024 October 15, 2024

Laws, Rules, and Regulations

Title Section
H.934 (Act 160) An act relating to renter rebate reform H.934
Homestead Property Tax Credit and Renter Credit 32 V.S.A. Chapter 154

Frequently Asked Questions