Amending A Return

 You are required to file an amended Vermont return within 60 days of filing an amended federal return or receiving a Notice of Change from the IRS to your Federal return. If you do not file the amended Vermont return, you may be subject to additional penalties and interest on any tax due.

If you filed a property tax adjustment claim or a renter rebate claim, you are also required to complete an amended Form HI-144, Household Income Schedule.

How to File Your Amended Return

Use Vermont Form IN-111, Vermont Income Tax Return to file your amended return.  Verify you are using the form for the correct year and that you are including all schedules (IN-112, IN-113, IN-153, etc.) submitted with your original filing even if the information on these schedules has not changed.

  1. In section 1, check the box Check here if this is an AMENDED return.
  2. Enter the correct figures as if this were the original filing.
  3. Include copies of all W-2s and 1099s to verify Vermont tax withheld.