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No. Title Version Comments Due
  Proposed Meals and Rooms Tax Regulations Draft October 1, 2020

The Department has drafted updated Meals and Rooms Tax Regulations. They accommodate the statutory changes made since 2010.  The Department welcomes your comments.  Please send any comments by June 5, 2020.  The Department intends to collect comments and make revisions, then make its initial filing with the Secretary of State.

We encourage the public to submit comments. If you wish to submit a comment to the Vermont Department of Taxes please complete the form below. This will help us process your comment in a timely manner and minimize spam. You may also submit your comment by mail. 

Please send all correspondence to:

Vermont Department of Taxes
Will Baker, General Counsel
133 State Street
Montpelier, Vermont 05633-1401

Please note that the information you submit to the Department may become available to the public. If you have any questions, please contact us at (802) 828-2505.

Thank you for taking the time and effort to submit your comments. Your feedback is important to us.

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