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Tax Year 2021 Estate and Fiduciary Tax Forms

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No. Instructions Title
176   Statement Of Claimant To Refund Due On Behalf Of Deceased Taxpayer
1310   Federal Form - Statement of a Person Claiming Refund Due a Deceased Taxpayer
E-1   Estate Tax Return - death occurring before or on Dec. 31, 2015
E-2A Instructions Vermont Estate Tax Information And Application For Tax Clearances
EST-191 Instructions Estate Tax Return - death occurring after Dec. 31, 2015
EST-195   Application for Extension of Time to File Vermont Estate Tax Return
FIT-K-1VT-F Instructions Beneficiary Information for Fiduciaries
FIT-160   Fiduciary Income Tax Return Payment Voucher
FIT-161 Instructions Fiduciary Return of Income
FIT-162 Instructions VT Capital Gains Exclusions for Estates or Trusts
FIT-165   Fiduciary Estimated Tax Payment Voucher
FIT-166 Instructions VT Income Adjustments and Tax Computation for Fiduciaries
FIT-167 Instructions VT Credit for Tax Paid to Other State or Canadian Province for Fiduciaries
FIT-168   Application for Extension of Time to File Vermont Fiduciary Tax Return
General Forms
8821-VT   Authorization To Release Tax Information
PA-1   Special Power of Attorney for use by Individuals, Businesses, Estates and Trusts