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Tax Year 2017 Forms & Instructions

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No. Instructions Title
HS-122, HI-144 (2017) Instructions Homestead Declaration AND Property Tax Adjustment Claim
HS-122W (2017)   Vermont Homestead Declaration and/or Property Tax Adjustment WITHDRAWAL
IN-111 (2017) Instructions Income Tax Return
IN-112 (2017) Instructions Vermont Tax Adjustments and Credits
IN-113 (2017) Instructions Income Adjustment Calculations
IN-116 (2017)   Income Tax Payment Voucher
IN-117 (2017) Instructions Vermont Credit for Income Tax Paid to Other State or Canadian Province
IN-119 (2017) Instructions Vermont Economic Incentive Income Tax Credits
IN-152 (2017) Calculator (xlsx) Underpayment of 2017 Estimated Individual Income Tax
IN-152A (2017) Calculator (xlsx) Annualized Income Installment Method for Underpayment of 2017 Estimated Tax by Individual, Estates, and Trusts
IN-153 (2017) Instructions Capital Gains Exclusion Calculation
IN-155 (2017)


Federal Itemized Deductions Addback
IN-155 Worksheet (2017)   2017 Schedule IN-155 Worksheet for Limited Itemized Deductions (Lines 4 & 6)
LC-142 (2017)


File your Landlord Certificate (Form LC-142) online using myVTax
PR-141, HI-144 (2017) Instructions Renter Rebate Claim
Corporate and Business Income
BA-402 (2017) Instructions Apportionment & Allocation Schedule
BA-403 (2017)   Application for Extension of Time to File Vermont Corporate/Business Income Tax Returns
BA-404 (2017) Instructions Tax Credits Earned, Applied, Expired, And Carried Forward
BA-405 (2017)   Economic Advancement Tax Incentives
BA-406 (2017) Instructions Credit Allocation Schedule
BA-410 (2017) Instructions Corporate Income Tax Affiliation Schedule
BI-470 (2017)   Business Income Tax Return Payment Voucher
BI-471 (2017) Instructions Business Income Tax Return
BI-472 (2017) Instructions Non-Composite Schedule
BI-473 (2017) Instructions Composite Schedule
BI-476 (2017) Instructions Business Income Tax Return For Resident Only
CO-411 (2017) Instructions Corporate Income Tax Return
CO-414 (2017)   Corporate Estimated Tax Payment Voucher
CO-419 (2017) Instructions Apportionment Of Foreign Dividends (for Unitary-Combined only)
CO-420 (2017) Instructions Foreign Dividend Factor Increments (for Unitary-Combined only)
CO-421 (2017) Instructions Unitary Affiliate Schedule
CO-422 (2017)   Corporate Income Tax Return Payment Voucher
K-1VT (2017)


Note for Tax Preparers

Shareholder, Partner, Or Member Information
WH-435 (2017)   Estimated Income Tax Payments for Nonresident Shareholders, Partners, or Members
WHT-434 (2017)


Annual Withholding Reconciliation
Estate and Fiduciary
E-1 (2017)   Estate Tax Return - death occurring before or on Dec. 31, 2015
E-2A (2017) Instructions Vermont Estate Tax Information And Application For Tax Clearances
EST-191 (2017) Instructions Estate Tax Return - death occurring after Dec. 31, 2015
EST-195 (2017)   Application for Extension of Time to File Vermont Estate Tax Return
FIT-160 (2017)   Fiduciary Income Tax Return Payment Voucher
FIT-161 (2017) Instructions Fiduciary Return of Income
FIT-162 (2017) Instructions VT Capital Gains Exclusions for Estates or Trusts
FIT-165 (2017)   Fiduciary Estimated Tax Payment Voucher
FIT-166 (2017) Instructions VT Income Adjustments and Tax Computation for Fiduciaries
FIT-167 (2017) Instructions VT Credit for Tax Paid to Other State or Canadian Province for Fiduciaries
FIT-168 (2017)   Application for Extension of Time to File Vermont Fiduciary Tax Return
K-1VT-F (2017) Instructions Beneficiary Information for Fiduciaries