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Deed Reading and Real Estate Exemptions Webinar | Recorded on July 16, 2020

Learn the importantance of reading deeds and how to understand the elements of a deed and how it affects your work in the lister’s office. This course will also delve into types of exemptions and the statutes that are applicable.
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PVR Response to COVID-19 |Recorded on May 6, 2020

For Listers, Assessors, and others involved in the assessment process.


Advanced Data Collection

This one-day course for Advanced Listers taught by Property Valuation and Review assessment expert, Cy Bailey and Chris Landin take a deeper dive into complex or unique properties related to maintaining your grand list. Completion of PVR Data Collection 4-day course is a prerequisite for signing up for this day.

Course Material (pdf)

Advanced Lister Training

This one-day course is designed for listers who have had three or more years of experience in their office and have completed New Lister Training. It covers the equalization study and a brief introduction to the various statistics within the study; tracking the market, reappraisal requirements and utility valuation.

Course Material (pdf)

New and Seasoned Lister Training

This course provides a thorough overview of the job of a lister. You will learn about the various responsibilities of the office including lodging a Grand List and downloading Homestead Declarations. Attention is given to schedules, exemptions, current use calculation, and office administration. The second day will we delve into the NEMRC grand list program and cover the basics, as well as some useful hints for new and seasoned listers.

New Lister Course Material (pdf)

Seasoned Lister Course Material (pdf)

Current Use Training

This training will cover how listers should calculate excluded land for allocation, calculate the Fair Market Value for Land Use Change Tax (LUCT) purposes, and review your duties as a lister. A must for both new and seasoned lister and assessors. This course will incorporate all functions performed in myVTax, eCuse as well as those implemented in NEMRC, and will clarify the differences.

Course Material (pdf)

Data Collection

This four-day course is designed to train listers and others interested in the fine art of data collection and property inspection. It also covers the type of information a data collector needs to generate a value using MicroSolve CAMA program, as well as providing background for other systems. Topics include grading factors, determining quality and condition, and the data collector’s role in reappraisal. This course will be of interest to listers / assessors, appraisers and mass appraisal firms.

Course Material (pdf)

Equalization and Certified Sales Training

Would you like to understand how sales in your town impact your Common Level of Appraisal? If so, this is a course you won’t want to miss. This one-day session will cover the sales verification process, how ratios are calculated and how your Common Level of Appraisal is calculated as well as the Coefficient of Dispersion. We will discuss what towns can do when they see the numbers changing to track and consider addressing problem areas.

Course Material (pdf)

Land Schedule

This one-day session will show you how to gather and quantify your sales data, determine influencing factors and deal with sales outside your community.  The morning session will cover the theory of land valuation and data gathering, while the afternoon session will focus on developing the sales grid.  Issues more specific to neighborhoods and lakefront properties will be discussed in the afternoon session. This course is required for VPA III and is useful for developing a new land schedule or understanding the existing process.

Course Material (pdf)

myVTax and Sales Study For Equalization Training

This one-day session will cover how listers will process sales for the Equalization Study beginning this year and going forward through the myVTax system. During this training we will demonstrate all aspects of this process, highlighting how the new system works and how it can benefit you, your lister’s office and ultimately your town.

Course Material (pdf)

Solar and Cell Towers Training

This one-day session will cover how to identify where and whether solar arrays and cell towers in your town are taxable. At this class you will learn how to value these properties based on the income they produce. Topics will also include land valuation and lease income valuation.

Course Material (pdf)

State Statutes and Rules of Property Assessment

Learn from former Director of PVR, Jim Knapp about the state statutes and rules regarding property assessment. Join with your colleagues to explore the sources of the law that regulate the process of establishing value and assessing property taxes.  We will look at the major sources of laws, the constitution, statutes, cases and regulations.  The sessions will provide you with the tools to find statutes, cases and regulations from various online resources and in the published materials. The class will focus on the laws applicable the tasks that municipal assessing officials perform. The discussions will include:

  • The sources of law
  • How laws are created and changed
  • How to find the law in the books and how to use online resources
  • How the judicial system operates and how cases are tried
  • Reading court decisions and how judges apply the law to factual situations
  • Scenarios involving exempt properties

There will also be plenty of time for questions and discussion of topic of interest to the audience.

Course Material (pdf)

Tips and Tricks for Office Organization

This one-day session will show you some excellent ideas to organize your files and your office. District Advisors Christie Wright, Teri Gildersleeve and Chris Landin have compiled some great ideas from various lister’s offices and are excited to share them with you.

Course Material (pdf)


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