State-Sponsored Training

The Division of Property Valuation and Review  (PVR) offers lister and assessor courses at no charge to current Vermont municipal assessment officials.

PVR partners with organizations such as Vermont Assessors and Listers Association (VALA), Vermont League of Cities and Towns (VLCT) and New England Municipal Resource Center (NEMRC) to directly sponsor events and eliminate and reduce training charges for listers and assessors. This includes VALA trainings, VLCT workshops, and the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO) courses and workshops.

All courses listed are free to municipalities:

PVR State Sponsored Trainings

  1. Lister Training
  2. Advanced Lister Training
  3. Data Collection
  4. Advanced Data Collection
  5. Land Schedule Training
  6. Solar / Cell Training
  7. IAAO 100 Real Estate Property Appraisal Workshops
  8. Statutes & Rules in Property Assessment
  9. Current Use Training
  10. myVTax Training
  11. Solar / Cell Training
  12. Equalization Study Training
  13. Reappraisal Process Training
  14. Tips & Tricks / Office Organization
  15. Any newly developed training from PVR staff

VALA Sponsored IAAO Training

Please note: VALA registration fees are not reimbursed. VALA may refund registration fees through the VALA scholarship program.

  1. IAAO 101 Fundamentals of Real Property Appraisal
  2. IAAO 102 Fundamentals of the Income Approach to Valuation
  3. IAAO 112 The Income Approach to Valuation II
  4. IAAO 155 Depreciation Workshop
  5. IAAO 171 Standards of Professional Practice & Ethics
  6. IAAO 300 Fundamentals of Mass Appraisal
  7. IAAO 311 Residential Modeling
  8. IAAO 452 Fundamentals of Ratio Studies

NEMRC Trainings Billed Directly to the State

Please note: NEMRC promotional seminars are not reimbursed.

  1. NEMRC Grand List /CAMA Seminar
  2. NEMRC Basic Grand List Training
  3. NEMRC Basic Microsolve CAMA/APEX Training
  4. NERMC Advanced Microsolve CAMA Training

VLCT-Sponsored Training

  1. Effective Property Tax Appeal Training (regional)
  2. Effective Property Tax Appeal Trainings (up to six towns on site)

No grant is required for the above trainings, workshops, and seminars. If you are charged a fee for any of these free classes, the town may request a refund from the sponsoring organization.

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