We publish a number of reports about various aspects of the Department’s work for taxpayers and tax professionals. The diversity of our reports is described as follows:

  • They cover a wide range of Tax Department functions.
  • Some are useful as a quick reference to learn more about the general achievements of the Department.
  • Some provide an in-depth understanding of specific types of taxes.
  • They are published at varying intervals, ranging from monthly to every other year.
  • Much of the information presented in most of the reports takes the form of statistical tables.

Available Reports

Online Biennial Report
100 Delinquent Taxpayers Report
Current Use Audit Report
Equalization Study
Fiscal Year 2017 Budget Request
Hold Harmless Report
Monthly Revenue Report
Payment-in-Lieu-of-Taxes (PILOT)
Property Valuation & Review Annual Report
Tax Expenditure Report
Taxpayer Advocate Report

If you need assistance locating specific reports, please contact us.