File and Pay

We have provided some introductory information to assist you in filing and paying your clients’ taxes. Vermont tax returns for individuals, corporate and business income, and fiduciary should be filed electronically, using software of Vermont-certified e-file commercial vendors, although paper filing is an option.

Individual Income Taxes

Individual Income Tax Forms
Check Return or Refund Status

Corporate and Business Income, and Fiduciary Taxes

Tax professionals and their corporate and business clients may create an account in Vermont’s secure, online filing service, myVTax, for filing certain types of tax returns for qualifying businesses.

Form BI-476, Business Income Tax Return for Resident Only a one-page income tax return for exclusively Vermont business operations and owners that meet requirements
Form CO-411, Corporate Income Tax Return for standalone corporations only (no unitary groups)

Over the next three years, myVTax will continue to grow and offer electronic filing for many more tax types.

Modernized e-File
myVTax Account Access Instructions
Corporate and Business Income Tax Forms
Estate and Fiduciary Tax Forms

Property Taxes

Current Use Program Application (eCuse)
Property Transfer Tax Return
Property Tax Forms