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Software & Vendor Updates

Here is some detailed information for tax professionals for filing and paying your clients’ taxes using the Vermont-IRS Modernized e-File (MeF) system.

MeF Filing of Tax Returns for Individuals, Corporate and Business Income Taxes, and Fiduciary Taxes

Vermont tax returns for individuals, corporate and business income, and fiduciary should be filed electronically, using software of Vermont-certified e-file commercial vendors, although paper filing is an option. Vermont participates in the IRS electronic filing program. The Vermont-IRS Modernized e-File (MeF) system program works best when the federal and state returns are filed together in one transmission to the IRS. The state return is made available to Vermont after the federal return is accepted by the IRS.

What are the tax filing procedures for authorized Electronic Return Originators (EROs) of Vermont tax returns?

The general filing procedures for electronic tax returns are as follows:

  • Use tax preparation software approved for use in the Federal/State Electronic Filing Program and Vermont-approved software
  • Use the most current version of a vendor’s software
  • Comply with all requirements and specifications contained in the Vermont MeF E-File Handbooks:

Throughout the year, multiple versions of these documents may be used at the same time.  It is for this reason that special attention should be paid to the Release memo issue date and the projected start and end dates.

Tax Year 2022

Type Release Date
Vermont Handbook on Corporate Tax and Business Income Tax Modernized e-File (MeF) For 2022 Tax Year (pdf) November 3, 2022
Vermont Handbook on Fiduciary Income Tax Modernized e-File (MeF) For 2022 Tax Year (pdf) November 3, 2022
Vermont Handbook on Income Tax Modernized e-File (MeF) For 2022 Tax Year (pdf) November 7, 2022

How Vermont Certifies Vendors of E-Filing Software and Paper Tax Forms

Vermont certifies vendors of both electronic software and paper tax forms. In accordance with the National Association of Computer Tax Processors Tax Form Design Standards and Guidelines, tax departments are instructed to limit forms approval to the appearance of the form, placement and formatting of data, and the ability of the department to process the form. Checking the accuracy of data calculation is not a part of the forms approval process.

Type Release Date
Income Tax TY2022 Filing Season Certified E-File Vendors (pdf) March 12, 2023
Income Tax TY2022 Filing Season Certified Vendors (Substitute Forms)  

How Do I Learn About and Report Tax Preparation Software Errors?

Review our catalogue of reported software issues:

  • No Reported Software Issues

Reporting Known Tax Preparation Software Errors

Review the procedure for reporting software errors to learn what to do when you find an error in tax preparation software, and how to keep up to date with known software errors and vendor patches.

Be Sure To Use Corrected Software Patches!

Please download software patches where the vendor has fixed an error. Many times a software vendor will patch a known problem. However, this solution is only effective if downloaded by the software user.