Industry Guidance


Sales and Use Tax guidance for items used by a hotel or motel.

Renting spare rooms or other types of lodging to visitors.

The application of Vermont Rooms Tax for accommodations made through booking agents.


Learn more about what's taxable and what exemptions are available for purchases made for agricultural production.


Review our Sales and Use Tax guide for the automotive repairs industry.

Beverage Manufacturing & Sales

Information for brewers, winemakers, and distillers: Vermont Taxes and the manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages.


What caterers should know about Vermont business taxes.

Rental and cleaning of linen and similar items.


Guidance for contractors on the proper application of the Vermont Sales and Use Tax.

Forestry and Logging

Learn more about the specific types of machinery and repair parts that were exempted from the Vermont Sales and Use Tax.


A general overview of the unique sales tax situations for florists operating in Vermont.

Hemp and Cannabidiol (CBD) Products

Review the legal basis for taxing or exempting hemp and cannabidiol products in Vermont.

Marijuana Sales; Medical

Understand the taxation of sales of medical marijuana and related paraphernalia.

Nonprofit Organizations

If you operate or manage a nonprofit, you should learn which Vermont taxes apply to you.


Find out how Vermont Sales and Use Tax applies to photographers operating in Vermont.

Renewable Energy

Learn about the manufacturing exemptions to the Sales and Use Tax that are available for some machinery, equipment, monitoring devices, and supplies purchased and used by renewable energy generation facilities.

Veterinary Services

Guidance and a general listing of the types of transactions generally exempted from Vermont Sales and Use Tax for veterinary medicine.