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District Advisors

We employ several District Advisors who offer direct support to local assessment officials or listers. The advisors are available and located by region to recommend legal and technical advice to listers throughout the state. The expertise available from the Advisors is essential, as many local officials have a limited background in property assessment. The availability of support enhances the reliability of property assessments and results in greater standardization of assessment practices throughout the state.

We also provide additional support to local officials with assistance from a Department attorney and other centrally located staff with expertise in property assessment, property tax administration, and property tax law.

Locate a District Advisor

Use the interactive district advisors map below or locate your town using the table. If you have trouble finding the district advisor assigned to your town, please call the help desk at (802) 828-6887.



Town/City Town Span Code County District Advisor
Addison 003001 Addison Theresa Gile
Albany 006002 Orleans Deanna Robitaille
Alburgh 009003 Grand   Isle Benton Mitchell
Andover 012004 Windsor Cy Bailey
Arlington 015005 Bennington Teri Gildersleeve
Athens 018006 Windham Cy Bailey
Averill (UTG) 020255 Essex Deanna Robitaille
Averys Gore (UTG) 022256 Essex Deanna Robitaille
Bakersfield 024007 Franklin Deanna Robitaille
Baltimore 027008 Windsor Cy Bailey
Barnard 030009 Windsor Deanna Robitaille
Barnet 033010 Caledonia Barb Schlesinger
Barre City 036011 Washington Barb Schlesinger
Barre Town 039012 Washington Barb Schlesinger
Barton 042013 Orleans Deanna Robitaille
Belvidere 048014 Lamoille Benton Mitchell
Bennington 051015 Bennington Teri Gildersleeve
Benson 054016 Rutland Teri Gildersleeve
Berkshire 057017 Franklin Deanna Robitaille
Berlin 060018 Washington Barb Schlesinger
Bethel 063019 Windsor Theresa Gile
Bloomfield 066020 Essex Deanna Robitaille
Bolton 069021 Chittenden Theresa Gile
Bradford 072022 Orange Barb Schlesinger
Braintree 075023 Orange Deanna Robitaille
Brandon 078024 Rutland Teri Gildersleeve
Brattleboro 081025 Windham Cy Bailey
Bridgewater 084026 Windsor Deanna Robitaille
Bridport 087027 Addison Theresa Gile
Brighton (Isl Pond) 090028 Essex Deanna Robitaille
Bristol 093029 Addison Teri Gildersleeve
Brookfield 096030 Orange Barb Schlesinger
Brookline 099031 Windham Cy Bailey
Brownington 102032 Orleans Deanna Robitaille
Brunswick 105033 Essex Deanna Robitaille
Buels Gore 108252 Chittenden Theresa Gile
Burke 111034 Caledonia Deanna Robitaille
Burlington 114035 Chittenden Theresa Gile
Cabot 117036 Washington Barb Schlesinger
Calais 120037 Washington Barb Schlesinger
Cambridge 123038 Lamoille Benton Mitchell
Canaan 126039 Essex Deanna Robitaille
Castleton 129040 Rutland Christie Wright
Cavendish 132041 Windsor Cy Bailey
Charleston 135042 Orleans Deanna Robitaille
Charlotte 138043 Chittenden Theresa Gile
Chelsea 141044 Orange Barb Schlesinger
Chester 144045 Windsor Cy Bailey
Chittenden 147046 Rutland Teri Gildersleeve
Clarendon 150047 Rutland Christie Wright
Colchester 153048 Chittenden Benton Mitchell
Concord 156049 Essex Barb Schlesinger
Corinth 159050 Orange Barb Schlesinger
Cornwall 162051 Addison Theresa Gile
Coventry 165052 Orleans Deanna Robitaille
Craftsbury 168053 Orleans Deanna Robitaille
Danby 171054 Rutland Christie Wright
Danville 174055 Caledonia Barb Schlesinger
Derby 177056 Orleans Deanna Robitaille
Dorset 180057 Bennington Teri Gildersleeve
Dover 183058 Windham Cy Bailey
Dummerston 186059 Windham Cy Bailey
Duxbury 189060 Washington Theresa Gile
East Haven 192061 Essex Deanna Robitaille
East Montpelier 195062 Washington Barb Schlesinger
Eden 198063 Lamoille Benton Mitchell
Elmore 201064 Lamoille Barb Schlesinger
Enosburgh 204065 Franklin Benton Mitchell
Essex Town 207067 Chittenden Benton Mitchell
Fair Haven 216070 Rutland Christie Wright
Fairfax 210068 Franklin Benton Mitchell
Fairfield 213069 Franklin Benton Mitchell
Fairlee 219071 Orange Deanna Robitaille
Fayston 222072 Washington Theresa Gile
Ferdinand (UTG) 225257 Essex Deanna Robitaille
Ferrisburgh 228073 Addison Theresa Gile
Fletcher 231074 Franklin Benton Mitchell
Franklin 234075 Franklin Benton Mitchell
Georgia 237076 Franklin Benton Mitchell
Glastenbury 240258 Bennington Teri Gildersleeve
Glover 243077 Orleans Deanna Robitaille
Goshen 246078 Addison Teri Gildersleeve
Grafton 249079 Windham Cy Bailey
Granby 252080 Essex Deanna Robitaille
Grand Isle 255081 Grand   Isle Benton Mitchell
Granville 261082 Addison Theresa Gile
Greensboro 264083 Orleans Barb Schlesinger
Groton 267084 Caledonia Barb Schlesinger
Guildhall 270085 Essex Deanna Robitaille
Guilford 273086 Windham Cy Bailey
Halifax 276087 Windham Cy Bailey
Hancock 279088 Addison Theresa Gile
Hardwick 282089 Caledonia Barb Schlesinger
Hartford 285090 Windsor Barb Schlesinger
Hartland 288091 Windsor Cy Bailey
Highgate 291092 Franklin Benton Mitchell
Hinesburg 294093 Chittenden Theresa Gile
Holland 297094 Orleans Deanna Robitaille
Hubbardton 300095 Rutland Teri Gildersleeve
Huntington 303096 Chittenden Theresa Gile
Hyde Park 306097 Lamoille Benton Mitchell
Ira 309098 Rutland Christie Wright
Irasburg 312099 Orleans Deanna Robitaille
Isle LaMotte 318100 Grand   Isle Benton Mitchell
Jamaica 324101 Windham Cy Bailey
Jay 327102 Orleans Deanna Robitaille
Jericho 333103 Chittenden Barb Schlesinger
Johnson 336104 Lamoille Benton Mitchell
Killington 588185 Rutland Theresa Gile
Kirby 339105 Caledonia Barb Schlesinger
Landgrove 342106 Bennington Cy Bailey
Leicester 345107 Addison Theresa Gile
Lemington 348108 Essex Deanna Robitaille
Lewis (UTG) 351259 Essex Deanna Robitaille
Lincoln 354109 Addison Theresa Gile
Londonderry 357110 Windham Cy Bailey
Lowell 360111 Orleans Deanna Robitaille
Ludlow 363112 Windsor Cy Bailey
Lunenburg 366113 Essex Deanna Robitaille
Lyndon 369114 Caledonia Barb Schlesinger
Maidstone 372115 Essex Deanna Robitaille
Manchester 375116 Bennington Teri Gildersleeve
Marlboro 378117 Windham Cy Bailey
Marshfield 381118 Washington Barb Schlesinger
Mendon 384119 Rutland Theresa Gile
Middlebury 387120 Addison Theresa Gile
Middlesex 390121 Washington Benton Mitchell
Middletown Springs 393122 Rutland Christie Wright
Milton 396123 Chittenden Benton Mitchell
Monkton 399124 Addison Theresa Gile
Montgomery 402125 Franklin Benton Mitchell
Montpelier 405126 Washington Barb Schlesinger
Moretown 408127 Washington Theresa Gile
Morgan 411128 Orleans Deanna Robitaille
Morristown 414129 Lamoille Benton Mitchell
Mount Holly 417130 Rutland Christie Wright
Mount Tabor 420131 Rutland Christie Wright
New Haven 432135 Addison Theresa Gile
Newark 423132 Caledonia Deanna Robitaille
Newbury 426133 Orange Barb Schlesinger
Newfane 429134 Windham Cy Bailey
Newport City 435136 Orleans Deanna Robitaille
Newport Town 438137 Orleans Deanna Robitaille
North Bennington/Bennington 51138 Bennington Teri Gildersleeve
North Hero 444140 Grand   Isle Benton Mitchell
Northfield 441139 Washington Barb Schlesinger
Norton 447141 Essex Deanna Robitaille
Norwich 450142 Windsor Cy Bailey
Orange 453143 Orange Barb Schlesinger
Orleans ID / Barton 42144 Orleans Deanna Robitaille
Orwell 459145 Addison Theresa Gile
Panton 462146 Addison Theresa Gile
Pawlet 465147 Rutland Teri Gildersleeve
Peacham 468148 Caledonia Barb Schlesinger
Peru 474149 Bennington Cy Bailey
Pittsfield 477150 Rutland Theresa Gile
Pittsford 480151 Rutland Teri Gildersleeve
Plainfield 483152 Washington Barb Schlesinger
Plymouth 486153 Windsor Theresa Gile
Pomfret 489154 Windsor Cy Bailey
Poultney 492155 Rutland Christie Wright
Pownal 495156 Bennington Teri Gildersleeve
Proctor 498157 Rutland Teri Gildersleeve
Putney 504158 Windham Cy Bailey
Randolph 507159 Orange Barb Schlesinger
Reading 510160 Windsor Deanna Robitaille
Readsboro 513161 Bennington Christie Wright
Richford 516162 Franklin Deanna Robitaille
Richmond 519163 Chittenden Benton Mitchell
Ripton 522164 Addison Theresa Gile
Rochester 525165 Windsor Theresa Gile
Rockingham 528166 Windham Cy Bailey
Roxbury 531167 Washington Barb Schlesinger
Royalton 534168 Windsor Barb Schlesinger
Rupert 537169 Bennington Teri Gildersleeve
Rutland City 540170 Rutland Christie Wright
Rutland Town 543171 Rutland Christie Wright
Ryegate 546172 Caledonia Barb Schlesinger
Salisbury 561177 Addison Theresa Gile
Sandgate 564178 Bennington Teri Gildersleeve
Searsburg 570179 Bennington Cy Bailey
Shaftsbury 573180 Bennington Teri Gildersleeve
Shaftsbury / Shaftbury 573254 Bennington Teri Gildersleeve
Sharon 576181 Windsor Barb Schlesinger
Sheffield 579182 Caledonia Deanna Robitaille
Shelburne 582183 Chittenden Theresa Gile
Sheldon 585184 Franklin Benton Mitchell
Shoreham 591186 Addison Theresa Gile
Shrewsbury 594187 Rutland Teri Gildersleeve
Somerset 597260 Windham Teri Gildersleeve
South Burlington 600188 Chittenden Theresa Gile
South Hero 603189 Grand   Isle Benton Mitchell
Springfield 606190 Windsor Cy Bailey
St. Albans City 549173 Franklin Benton Mitchell
St. Albans Town 552174 Franklin Benton Mitchell
St. George 555175 Chittenden Theresa Gile
St. Johnsbury 558176 Caledonia Barb Schlesinger
Stamford 609191 Bennington Teri Gildersleeve
Stannard 612192 Caledonia Barb Schlesinger
Starksboro 615193 Addison Theresa Gile
Stockbridge 618194 Windsor Theresa Gile
Stowe 621195 Lamoille Benton Mitchell
Strafford 624196 Orange Barb Schlesinger
Stratton 627197 Windham Cy Bailey
Sudbury 630198 Rutland Teri Gildersleeve
Sunderland 633199 Bennington Teri Gildersleeve
Sutton 636200 Caledonia Deanna Robitaille
Swanton 639201 Franklin Benton Mitchell
Thetford 642202 Orange Cy Bailey
Tinmouth 645203 Rutland Christie Wright
Topsham 648204 Orange Barb Schlesinger
Townshend 651205 Windham Cy Bailey
Troy 654206 Orleans Deanna Robitaille
Tunbridge 657207 Orange Barb Schlesinger
Underhill 660209 Chittenden Benton Mitchell
Vergennes 663210 Addison Theresa Gile
Vernon 666211 Windham Cy Bailey
Vershire 669212 Orange Cy Bailey
Victory 672213 Essex Deanna Robitaille
Waitsfield 675214 Washington Theresa Gile
Walden 678215 Caledonia Barb Schlesinger
Wallingford 681216 Rutland Christie Wright
Waltham 684217 Addison Theresa Gile
Wardsboro 687218 Windham Cy Bailey
Warners Grant (UTG) 689261 Essex Deanna Robitaille
Warren 690219 Washington Theresa Gile
Warren Gore (UTG) 692262 Essex Deanna Robitaille
Washington 693220 Orange Barb Schlesinger
Waterbury 696221 Washington Theresa Gile
Waterford 699222 Caledonia Barb Schlesinger
Waterville 702223 Lamoille Deanna Robitaille
Weathersfield 705224 Windsor Cy Bailey
Wells 708225 Rutland Christie Wright
Wells River /Newbury 426226 Orleans Barb Schlesinger
West Fairlee 714227 Orange Cy Bailey
West Haven 723230 Rutland Christie Wright
West Rutland 735234 Rutland Teri Gildersleeve
West Windsor 738235 Windsor Cy Bailey
Westfield 717228 Orleans Deanna Robitaille
Westford 720229 Chittenden Benton Mitchell
Westminster 726231 Windham Cy Bailey
Westmore 729232 Orleans Deanna Robitaille
Weston 732233 Windsor Cy Bailey
Weybridge 741236 Addison Theresa Gile
Wheelock 744237 Caledonia Deanna Robitaille
Whiting 750238 Addison Theresa Gile
Whitingham 753239 Windham Cy Bailey
Williamstown 756240 Orange Barb Schlesinger
Williston 759241 Chittenden Benton Mitchell
Wilmington 762242 Windham Cy Bailey
Windham 765243 Windham Cy Bailey
Windsor 768244 Windsor Cy Bailey
Winhall 771245 Bennington Deanna Robitaille
Winooski 774246 Chittenden Benton Mitchell
Wolcott 777247 Lamoille Barb Schlesinger
Woodbury 780248 Washington Barb Schlesinger
Woodford 783249 Bennington Teri Gildersleeve
Woodstock 786250 Windsor Cy Bailey
Worcester 788251 Washington Barb Schlesinger