Sales and Use Tax Statistics

The general sales tax rate is imposed on the buyer on the purchase price of tangible personal property, amusement charges, fabrication charges, and some public utility charges. There are 46 exemptions from the tax which include medical items, food, manufacturing machinery, equipment and fuel, residential fuel and electricity, clothing and shoes.

The Use Tax is assessed at the same rate as the Sales Tax. A buyer owes Use Tax when a taxable item is purchased for use in Vermont and no Sales Tax is collected by the vendor. For example, a buyer owes Use Tax for purchases made from an online retailer that does not collect Sales Tax, or from another state with no Sales Tax (or a Sales Tax rate below 6%). The Use Tax applies to all items taxable under the Sales Tax.

Rate: 6%

Certain Municipalities may also impose a local option tax on sales.

Reports are grouped into Monthly and Multiple Period reports.  Monthly reports hold information for monthly filers only, while Multiple Period reports hold information for monthly, quarterly, and annual filers.  Reports are further broken down into Preliminary and Updated reports.  Preliminary and Updated reports are created  75 and  180 days after the end of a taxpayer’s filing period.  Consequently, updated reports include more returns for any given period.

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