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Forms and Instructions

Check my Refund Status

      Unclaimed Refunds

Who Needs to File?

      Part-Year Resident

Types of Filers

      First-time Filers
          Forms you may Need
      Seniors and Retirees

Filing Season Updates

How to File

      Paper Filing and Payment Instructions
      Filing Checklist
      Calculating Withholding
      Disaster Assistance
      Letter of Good Standing
      Timely Filing and Payments

Free File

Free Tax Preparation Assistance

File an Extension

Paying Tax Owed

     Tax Bill Overview
     Interest and Penalties

Amend a Return

Personal Income Tax

     Tax Rate Schedules and Tables
     Filing Status
          Civil Unions
     Taxable Income
     Tax Adjustments and Credits
          Charitable Contribution Tax Credit
          Medical Deduction
          Social Security Exemption
          Vermont Farm Income Averaging Credit
          Elderly or Permanently Totally Disabled
     Benefit Programs
     Voluntary Charitable Contributions
     Injured Spouse Claims

Income Tax Withholding

     Form W-4VT
     Frequently Asked Questions

Estimated Income Tax

     Calculate Interest and Penalties
     Payments Made on Your Behalf

Use Tax

     What is Taxable and Exempt?

Estate Tax

Fiduciary Tax

Household Income

Renter Credit

     Calculator and Credit Amounts
     Income Eligibility Limits   

Information for Landlords

Homestead Declaration

Property Tax Credit

Short-Term Rentals



Forms and Instructions

File and Pay

     Timely Filing and Payments
     Understanding Your Tax Bill
     Disaster Assistance

File an Extension

Register for a Business Tax Account

Business Center

     Start or Buy a Business
     Sales and Use Tax: Getting Started
     Meals and Rooms Tax: Getting Started
     Nonprofit Organizations: Getting Started
     Hiring Employees
     Update or Expand a Business
     Close a Business
     Certificate of Good Standing
     Frequently Asked Questions

Industry Guidance

           Frequently Asked Questions
     Forestry and Logging
     Hemp and Cannabidiol
     Hotels and Motels
     Short-term Rentals
     Soft Drinks
     Vending Machines


     Corporate Nonprofit Organizations
     Sales and Use for Nonprofits
     Meals and Rooms for Nonprofits
     Property Tax for Nonprofits

Exemption Certificates

Tax Credits

Business Entity Income Tax

Corporate Income Tax

     Unitary Corporate Rules & Requirements

Sales and Use Tax

     Getting Started
     Marketplace Facilitators
     Noncollecting Vendors
     South Dakota v. Wayfair
          Frequently Asked Questions
     Streamlined Sales Tax
     Election by Manufacturer or Retailer
     Click Through Nexus
     Frequently Asked Questions

Meals and Rooms Tax

     Getting Started
     Short-Term Rentals
     Booking Agents
     Frequently Asked Questions
     Internet Platform Reporting


     Filing Deadlines
     2021 Withholding Charts and Tables
     Employee Withholding Allowances
     1099-K Notices
     Frequently Asked Questions

Miscellaneous Taxes

     Alcoholic Beverage Tax
     Bank Franchise Tax
     Cannabis Excise Tax
     Captive Insurance Premium Tax
     Cigarette Tax and Tobacco Products Tax
          Electronic Cigarettes FAQs
          Nonparticipating Tobacco Manufacturers
          PACT Act
          Cigarette and Tobacco Tax Rates
     Fuel Tax
     Health Care Claims Tax
     Insurance Premium Tax
     Malt and Vinous Beverage Tax
     Solar Energy Capacity Tax
     Solid Waste Tax
     Surplus Lines Insurance and Direct Insurance Placement Tax
     Telephone Business Tax
     Wind-Powered Electric Generating Facility Tax

Local Option Tax

     Participating Municipalities

Health Care Fund Contribution Assessment

     Assessment Calculation
     Special Situations
     Health Care Decision Tree
     About HCFCA

Abandoned Beverage Deposits

Universal Service Charge (USC)